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After not singing for almost 2 decades, I decided to go back to taking voice lessons, when I learned about Drew. He teaches me over Skype and is so accommodating of my needs. Now, I can hit notes I wasn’t able to hit when I was singing regularly. Drew is the best voice teacher I have worked with in Southern California!
— Joy Tenenberg, Casting Director

Drew's students range from beginner Performers to industry professionals. 

To set up your first lesson with Drew or to inquire further, please email voicelessons@drewtablak.com or submit via the Contact Form below!



Drew provides a solid technical foundation and extremely quick results, regardless of style or genre. Drew caters his teaching style to his students’ individual goals and skill levels. His roster has included professional rock, classical, musical theatre, and commercial students.  Combining the foundation and technicality of classical technique with the accessibility and nuance of commercial voice, Drew brings the best of both worlds to his studio. 


Other than his obvious talent as an instructor, Drew is willing to do whatever it takes to reach a student. He’s very accommodating and easy to get ahold of.
— Cameron Boyer (Lead singer of Weathers, signed to RCA)

RATES: $50/half hour lesson. 

Drew now offers voice lessons not only in person but also via web with lessons via Skype and Google + Hangouts. EMAIL VOICELESSONS@DREWTABLAK.COM TODAY!